Monroe was established as the county seat in 1818 when Walton County was first founded. Monroe and the surrounding area first grew as a result of a booming cotton industry and the 2 main cotton mills were sources of substantial economic success throughout the 1900s. However, later the industry declined and the mills were closed for production. While they are no longer functioning, they still serve an important role in the community as they provide ample event space and showcase a number antiques and other retail. They also serve as prominent historical reminders, and the small community serves as a history hot spot with an engaging old down town and gorgeous antebellum homes.

Serving as Walton County's county seat, Monroe, Georgia is located within the larger Atlanta Metropolitan Area and has an estimated population of 13,234 people. The town consists of six constituent neighborhoods and has been ranked at Georgia's 71st largest community. The housing in the area is comprised of over 50% single-family homes and 25% small apartment buildings.

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