What was once a primarily farming community is starting to transform into a bustling industrial and distribution center. Monroe is the county seat of Union County, and this government presence has led to the development of a historically themed downtown scene. One of the best architectural features of the city is the Victorian Courthouse, constructed in 1886. It is situated in the downtown central square and gives a regal and historic feel to its surroundings. State highway 74 has become the main thoroughfare through town, and many trendy restaurants and shops have sprung up as new residents stream into the area. Another fascinating link to Monroe's history is the abundance of restored historic homes in the downtown area.

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Monroe, North Carolina, is a rapidly growing suburban city about 25 miles to the southeast of Charlotte. Those looking to buy real estate in Monroe can expect prices well below the national average but also enormous potential for future growth and appreciation. More isolated country-style homes used to be the majority of what was available, but with the rapid growth of the business sector and city center, many more condos and townhomes are becoming available.

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