The town of Morrisville is greatly involved with the 'green challenge', which means taking steps to promote sustainability and energy conversation. Not only does this protect precious environmental sources but it also helps the local government operate more efficiently and for less money. Morrisville has reached the intermediate level and is working towards the advanced level. Efforts in the community have included a recycling program, tree preservation efforts, a green fleet policy, and a solar energy project. The government has also made transparency and openness a part of their daily way of life. This includes providing information about employee benefits, posting minutes and audio copies of meetings, and making thousands of documents available for public utilization.

Morrisville is a small city in central North Carolina, equal distance from Durham and Raleigh. With excellent schools, a good location, and high quality of life, people visit and stay in Morrisville with the current population hovering around 21,000. There are a number of neighborhoods that one can choose from when looking for a home. One of the more affluent neighborhoods is Golden Horseshoe Cir/Morrisville Pky, which is largely renter occupied but there are some single-family homes. In comparison, the Aerial Center Pky/Hospitality Ct neighborhood offers more affordable housing and newer dwellings.

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