The city closely resembles New York City due to its close proximity, and the culture is just as rich. At least 98 different nationalities are represented in Mount Vernon, making it one of the most diverse cities in the United States. It is also the second-most densely populated city in New York and eleventh-most densely populated in the nation. The local culture reflects this, and the enormous variety of restaurants and cultural hot spots make the area very desirable for those who enjoy the city life. Places of worship for over 25 denominations dot the cityscape, among them St. Paul's Church, a National Historic Site. The world-famous shows, restaurants, attractions and history of Manhattan are only 16 miles away as well.

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Mount Vernon, New York, is a thriving suburb of New York City located just to the north of the Bronx. The city's neighborhoods are incredibly diverse, including everything from the luxury homes of the Northside area to the commercial sprawl of Mount Vernon Heights to the multi-family homes, apartments and housing projects of the South Side.

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