The outskirts of Muncie, Indiana call to mind images of bygone days of barns and plows. This is because this city once relied entirely on agriculture to maintain its existence and financial stability. Though times have certainly changed, as has the city's size and the shape of its industry, Muncie has managed to retain much of its former charm and peacefulness, which any resident may enjoy upon claiming one of the timeless homes as their own. Instead of just farming, citizens of this city now have many career opportunities in the medical, education, transportation and retail industries, which contain some of the area's top employers. Aside from these choices, Muncie is home to several other companies looking for skilled employees to help run their business, ensuring that residents in this area are able to find dependable employment.

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Muncie, Indiana is a growing city approximately sixty miles away from the capital of its state. Though it is perhaps not the largest city on record, its expanding size continues to be impressive. Despite the increasingly urban feel of this city, most of its homes are single-family homes that are reminiscent of farmhouses, with an average of 3 bedrooms. For those seeking smaller accommodations, there are apartments available closer to the city's center, each as charming as the surrounding homes.

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