Napa ID has a rich history that began in 1883 as a railroad town that emerged about 15 miles from the Oregon Short Line Railway. Many immigrants where brought to this area of the country due to promise of irrigation. Shortly after, canals were completed, sagebrush was cleared, and a municipal government was formed. Nampa retains and celebrates much of its distinguishing history. Residents enjoy the annual Harvest Festival, which began in 1908 by a group of church women. This festival is a wonderful opportunity for local farmers to display their fruits and vegetables. Music, games, and other activities are enjoyed at this event too. The city has a wide array of recreational facilities including outdoor parks, golf courses, and waterparks. The public library is a wonderful resource for residents and students who need access to various databases.

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Named "Main Street America" in 1946, Nampa is a hub of charm and local businesses. The economy of Nampa is also supported by the railway line as well as agriculture. Nampa is Idaho's second largest city comprised of 16 constituent neighborhoods. The community is populated by those who enjoy its business, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

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