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When someone can no longer afford to pay their mortgage, their home could be foreclosed upon. An unfortunate loss for one person could be another person's gain. Foreclosed homes are usually sold in "as is" condition, but with the proper inspections, these homes can be true gems. The state of Nevada currently has more than 14,000 foreclosed homes for sale in the state, each with its own unique style.

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Many people choose to move to Nevada because of its vast variety of recreation. Of course there are the popular attractions like the Las Vegas Strip, taking a helicopter ride over nearby Hoover Dam, or visiting Lake Tahoe, but Nevada is also home to many lesser known attractions. Car and art enthusiasts might enjoy the International Car Forest of Last Church. This unique lot of 40 automobiles balanced atop one another features artwork ranging from scary skulls to potentially scary politicians. Nevada is also home to everything from beautiful Pyramid Lake in Reno to the creepy but cool Old Tonopah Cemetery in Tonopah. Whether you or your family are outdoors enthusiasts, art lovers or simply like to find the weirdest things possible, Nevada has plenty of it all. Don't forget to take a road trip along U.S. Route 50. Known as the "Loneliest Road in America," the trip offers unparalleled views of open sky, fields and mountains.