Newark is known to be an excellent place for careers. There are many industries and companies centered within the city. Prudential Finance and Panasonic, as well as many others, have established their headquarters in this beautiful city. This means that Newark has got commuting down to a science. Commuting within the city or from one city to another is a breeze. Driving is an excellent option, but there are also multiple train and bus routes that will help you move throughout the city quickly and reliably. There are even a few rapid transit buses that will take you to specific locations as fast as possible. Making it to your job, appointments and social engagements has never been easier than when you live in Newark.

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Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Newark, New Jersey. Whether you are after a quiet suburban home life or an exciting place in the city, Newark is the spot for you. Our selection of available residences includes houses, townhomes and condominiums in a variety of locations throughout the five wards of the city. Ranging from brand new homes to turn of the century classics, the houses in Newark create an accurate depiction of the storied history of the city.

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