Located 60 miles north of New York City, this distinctive city of approximately 30,000 residents felt the first footsteps of early European explorers in 1609 with the arrival of Henry Hudson. His stop along the eponymous river heralded unprecedented development for this crossroads of the northeast, which continues to yield a rich variety of lifestyle options. Music is one of the more prominent features in Newburgh's cultural scene. The Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra and its separate Chamber Music ensemble fill the ears with auditory delights throughout the year. Pedestrian and bicycle laws promote walkability and cycling along this historic riverfront. City and waterfront parks are also plentiful for hiking, biking or reading one of the great tomes offered by the Newburgh Free Library - an institution without parallel that strives to inform and inspire its patrons with free events all year long.

The city of Newburgh, New York, is a painting of nature's bounty and historical landmarks that blends seamlessly into this breathtaking spot along the Hudson River. The second-largest historic district in New York state is a virtual cornucopia of architectural styles. This sumptuous display of structural design introduces itself to homeowners with an offering of Federal-style townhouses erected in the early 19th century and dwellings of Victorian ardor. Varied architectural species have been created since then, allowing Newburgh's housing options to accommodate diverse tastes and budgets.

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