The city of Newport Beach is over 50 square miles, with miles and miles of beautiful coastline. The different areas of Newport Beach are each unique and charming in their own way and include Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Corona del Mar, Newport Coast, Lido Peninsula, Santa Ana Heights, San Joaquin Hills, and West Newport. The city is a significant harbor town with a semi-artificial harbor as its core and a few islands, both artificial and natural, are found nearby. Additionally, Newport Beach features some of the best weather, even by California standards. The average high temperature doesn't even break 80° F. Enjoy Newport Beach's perfect climate, which complements the picturesque landscaping flawlessly, throughout the entire year. It is no wonder that the Newport Beach population is over 80,000; anyone who visits cannot resist the temptation to make the city their permanent home.

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Newport Beach truly is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. Unlike smaller coast side vacation cities, Newport Beach is significantly larger, meaning it has more substance for those seeking to call it their new home. The city has one of the highest average property values in the entire country. Find a luxury home that meets all of your expectations and take in everything the city has to offer. Once you experience Newport Beach, you will fall in love.

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