With most of the homes for sale hovering just above or below $200,000, the chances are good that, if you desire, you can purchase an affordable house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms with a fair amount of square footage to spare. Many of the city's neighborhoods such as Brentwood, Kiln Creek, and Richneck have distinct looks and atmospheres that allow for new homeowners with a variety of tastes to find something that works for them. With regard to the local economy, the three largest employers in Newport News are the shipbuilding, military, and aerospace sectors. The boating industry has long been a part of the working culture here due to the proximity to the nearby harbor and James River. The Newport News Shipbuilding Company actually owns the town's Apprentice School, a vocational school that teaches students the tricks of various shipyard trades.

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The independent city of Newport News, Virginia is a coastal town of 120 square miles with a population of around 185,000 people. For a city in such a historic state, Newport News nevertheless is firmly connected with the ever-evolving modern world due in large part to its strong ties to the United States military. Never fear, though, as there are still plenty of diversions that make living here an experience that can be enjoyed by those with a strong desire for work.

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