Perhaps not surprisingly, far and away the largest industry in Niagara Falls is tourism. Because of the internationally known waterfalls, over ten million people come to visit every year. As such, local government has been making big moves in recent years to place a greater economic focus on the cultural and physical advantages inherent in the region rather than hanging on to the diminished manufacturing business of the past. With regard to the actual living situation, Niagara Falls is basically divided into nine major neighborhoods: Little Italy, North End, Deveaux, LaSalle, Downtown, Niagara Street, East Side, Buffalo Avenue, and Hyde Park. With homes that typically hover around the $180,000 mark, you can purchase a house with several bedrooms and bathrooms with some additional yard space without breaking the bank.

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You would think that a city with a name as historically iconic as Niagara Falls would be something of a bustling metropolis akin to places like Boston and San Francisco. However, this town of just under 17 square miles is home to only about 50,000 people, leaving more than enough room for a shopping homeowner to stake a claim. If you are looking for a place that has a constant flow of new people visiting from all over the world, Niagara Falls, New York might just be the place for you.

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