Norcross is situated approximately 20 miles outside of the urban city of Atlanta, where many residents work. About 16,000 of Georgia's 10 million residents reside in Norcross, with just over 50% owning their homes. Norcross has experienced rapid growth with the southern migration that has occurred over the course of the past two decades. The city is named on the National Register of Historic Places due to its quaint and historic architecture in the downtown area. In the summer, Norcross features a free outdoor summer concert series, and in the fall, a fall arts festival. Thanks to the Norcross Old Timers Baseball Association, autographed sports relics and paraphernalia are on display at the local museum.

Norcross, Georgia, is flush with large colonial-style homes. The consumer-friendly pricing of Norcross real estate makes it affordable to purchase a sizeable home that sits on a reasonable plot of land. In contrast, land surrounding a home is often only available at a high premium in Northeastern United States housing markets. Young families that might consider a playground in the backyard will love a city like Norcross where land is available to do so, and alternatively, upscale condominiums are also available.

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