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North Dakota offers homes ranging from 2,000 square foot cabins to sprawling European style houses. Homeowners looking to immerse themselves in city life may choose from one or two story contemporary bungalows and cottages, while rural farmhouses and ranch homes may appeal to those seeking a slower pace. Homeowners are sure to find a house that suits the needs of their lifestyle.

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North Dakota is primarily sprawling countryside, with most communities centering on urban locations. For those seeking an adventure, though, one can be found a car ride away. North Dakota has many state and national parks where visitors can hike, fish and cross-country ski. Those looking to explore part of the west's natural history and culture can visit sites such as the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail or the Knife River Indian Villages. History lovers may want to visit the homes of figures such General Custer and aviator Carl Eielson. Those seeking a quiet day indoors can enjoy the museums in Fargo and Bismarck and learn about North Dakota's cultural, aviation and scientific history and also see art exhibits. Additionally, North Dakota is a good place to see dinosaur skeletons, and both local and international specimens can be viewed at the Dickinson Dinosaur Museum.