Northville's population is just under 6,000 residents according to the 2010 census, and the city is located among good company since its nestled among other prominent Metro Detroit suburbs-Novi, Livonia and Plymouth-that are also known for high quality of life. Despite its relatively small population size and tucked away location, Northville offers a family-friendly community typical of the Midwest. Great schools are a characteristic of a family-friendly community, and Northville public schools are widely considered among the best in Michigan. While the city's cost of living is slightly higher than other areas in Michigan, residents benefit from the low crime rate and access to amenities like local shops and big box stores.

Want small town charm but live the big suburb life? Northville, Michigan is among the wealthiest suburbs in the Metro Detroit area, but its historic downtown-place bustling with local shops, restaurants and events-draws the community together. Executive-style homes on fairly large lots dominate this area, which gives reason to why Northville is known for having among the most expensive real estate in Michigan. However, it's possible to find a moderate-sized home typical to a suburban life.

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