The unemployment rate in Oklahoma City is well below that of the national average, and job growth is above the national average. In addition to being able to find steady employment, this city also offers affordable living with mortgage payment to income ratios far below the national average. These factors make this an ideal place for younger people who are looking for a strong start as they move out of their parents home and into their own. However, Oklahoma City is also a great place for families. Quail Creek and Mesta Park are popular neighborhoods. However, Helm Farm is a growing neighborhood, too.

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Oklahoma City, OK, has had a housing market that directly reflects the economy. It's growth was stunted when the economy was bad, but now both are on the rise again. The average home price is around $152,900, which is lower than the national average. The housing market continues to grow as the job market in the city grows, which means moving here will allow you to tap into that job market growth while still being able to find an affordable home.

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