The Omaha area is home to Five Fortune 500 corporations; among them are the railway giant Union Pacific, the food manufacturing giant ConAgra, insurance provider Mutual of Omaha, and the corporate mega-conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. Along with these companies, the local economy also boasts the nation's largest privately held bank, the Gallup Organization, and one of the biggest construction companies in the entire country, so if you're making your way and hope to find a job in Omaha, opportunities abound. The city is divided into six major geographical areas: Midtown, Downtown, and North, South, East, and West Omaha, the last being known for the Gateway, Regency, Miracle Hills, and Boys Town neighborhoods. Additionally, as early neighborhoods were originally established around ethnic communities, the city boasts a robust Greek Town, Little Italy, Little Mexico, and Little Bohemia. With average July temperatures in the mid-seventies and a mostly dry winter with a little snow, the city enjoys relatively moderate Great Plains weather, and a solid growing season for gardeners. Culturally speaking, Omaha has a somewhat surprisingly rich history of rhythm and blues and jazz music, with a thriving contemporary music scene. The city also boasts the largest community theater in the country, a symphony orchestra, an opera, a world-class art museum, the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame, several annual music festivals, and a thriving, nationally recognized urban artist colony. The city is also home to one of the best zoos in the world, complete with the world's largest nocturnal exhibit, largest indoor desert habitat, largest indoor rainforest, and the largest geodesic dome in the world. Buckminster Fuller would be proud.

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Omaha has long been known as the gateway to the West. Named for the Native American tribe that originally occupied the area, the city is situated on the banks of the Missouri River at the Eastern border of Nebraska and Iowa. The city has long been a freight and transportation hub for the cattle business and other industries. If you're looking to purchase a new home in the Omaha area, can help with all your house hunting needs.

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