Economically, Ooltewah enjoys an extremely low cost of living. The rural setting enables a fair amount of self-sufficiency for anyone interested. Unemployment is below average, with most jobs being related to construction, production, transportation, shipping and the various local positions needed in every town. On the surface, income levels seem low, but the majority of residents' wealth is tied into land and the goods produced by it. Primary education is strong. Teachers typically only have 15 students at a time and the graduation rate is well above 85 percent.

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Off the east side of Chattanooga, Ooltewah, TN, is the perfect blend of rural ambiance and city amenities. Houses and undeveloped land are abundant, making this a prime location for anyone who likes their space. A handful of apartments and condos are available, but for the most part you should expect a decent walk to see your neighbor. Penetrating the market is easy, as the median home price is a relatively low $104,500. Consistent positive appreciation only makes the deal better.

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