Orange County is well known for its 40 miles of beautiful beach coastline, stretching from Huntington Beach, near the top, all the way down to San Clemente, which borders the next county down. Ocean view homes have always remained in high demand, whether right on the sand or overlooking rocky cliffs above the water. Interestingly, there is no major urban center to the county, despite its popularity and many amusements. However, there is no lack of readily available shopping, dining, and entertainment. In addition to Huntington Beach, the largest cities in the county are Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine. Anaheim is perhaps best known for Disneyland Park, which celebrated its 60th birthday in 2015. Many homes in Orange County reflect the diverse culture of the people who've been drawn there over the years by the various attractions in the area. From pools to palm trees, from flat roofs to gabled, there's something for everyone to call home.

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Situated in southwestern California, Orange County is home to Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Newport Beach. While it is one of the smaller counties in the state, yet it has one of the highest county populations in the entire country. Because of its many attractions, this popular county offers a variety of modern style new homes and new housing communities just waiting for potential homeowners. New condos and beachfront properties are also ever popular in the bustling, suburban area.

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