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If you are looking for affordable real estate in Oregon, considering foreclosures may be your best option. Cities such as Portland, Beaverton, Salem, and Eugene all have a variety of listings for foreclosed homes, and the state itself has a foreclosure rate of about 2 percent. You can find condominiums, single family homes, and more among the foreclosed homes for sale in Oregon.

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Oregon is home to a diverse set of attractions. The state is renowned for the natural beauty and active lifestyle offered by Mount Hood, the surrounding forests and scenic areas such as Tryon Creek, Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint, and Columbia River Gorge. If the great outdoors don't excite you, though, there is plenty else to do. Oregon is also populated by a number of world-class museums. In Portland the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry offers visitors fascinating exhibits and interactive experiences. The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, also in Portland, regularly puts intriguing and prestigious collections on display.