The weather in Palm Coast could not be more enticing. Average weather in the hottest month, August, is 89 degrees Fahrenheit ; and the coldest month, January, has an average of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Average precipitation ranges from 2.64 inches in December to 7.68 inches during the wettest month of September. You can enjoy golfing practically the year around. Officially on December 31, 1999, the city of Palm Coast was incorporated. It now offers the usual fire services and street maintenance, but it also strives to protect and preserve environmentally sensitive lands.

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Palm Coast, Florida, offers a variety of homes. Whether you are looking for a waterfront or inland home, you will be pleased to see the many choices available in this beautiful city. Median-priced single-family homes with well-manicured lawns and gardens are abundant, as are condos for those who do not want to have to worry about yard work. These are especially enticing to retirees looking for a more moderate climate, yet still have a home of their own.

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