Not surprisingly, much of the work to be found around this city relates to fuel, the production of solar panels and the harnessing of other necessary resources, aerospace engineering, and healthcare. Its close proximity to Houston (which is only 14 miles away) provides residents of this area unique employment opportunities in the space exploration field, and a chance to explore the unknown. Though many look beyond the city limits and towards the stars for the fulfillment of their dreams and careers, there are plenty of opportunities for discovery in Pasadena, Texas without ever leaving the city limits. One of the most significant events hosted by the city is the annual Strawberry Festival. This tradition hearkens back to the 1930's when Pasadena was known as "The Strawberry Capital of the World" and boasted exports of almost 30 train cars full of strawberries on a daily basis.

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Pasadena, Texas is an excellent place to live for those who wish to experience the best of both the urban and suburban ways of life. The homes in this area range from households and apartments which are appropriate for a single person making it on their own to large, luxurious homes with space for a growing family and much more. Regardless of what one requires, Pasadena has plenty of well-priced opportunities for any prospective buyer in the neighborhood.

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