The population is mainly comprised of families who wanted to set up a permanent home to grow and raise children. The Township of Pennsauken population is somewhere around 35,000 with a good deal of individuals commuting to Philadelphia for work. The average household income in Pennsauken is $57,000, which relates to how many white collar workers can be found in the area. Located in Camden County, residents of Pennsauken tend to have higher incomes than other nearby parts of New Jersey, but overall it is still less than the state average. Because of this, property in Pennsauken is still somewhat affordable, despite the fact that property values have been slowly rising over recent years.

Those seeking a calm, suburban atmosphere in close proximity to a big city will find it in Pennsauken, NJ. Considered a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsauken is only a short train ride away from the City of Brotherly Love, and its population reflects this distance. Row homes, apartment communities and single-family detached homes make up the landscape of Pennsauken. Many of the residents of Pennsauken are those looking for a bit of reprieve from the bustle of city life.

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