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Whether you are looking for a condo to commute from, a single family home to raise kids in or a trendy townhouse to make yours, you can find all of these and more among foreclosure listings in Pennsylvania. The state's foreclosure rate is around .08 percent, but there are still plenty of foreclosed listings available for savvy homebuyers who want to get a fantastic deal on a new place.

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It isn't hard to imagine why you might be drawn to Pennsylvania. The state offers a rich assortment of attractions and recreation, the most famous of which include the assortment of historic sites throughout the region. In Philadelphia, for example, you can take in the sight of the Liberty Bell and enjoy a slice of the city's famous cheesecake. Outdoor activities are a major part of life for Pennsylvanians, too. The Ponoco Mountains offer the opportunity to go hiking, skiing or fishing in the gorgeously forested valleys. When you aren't perusing historical sits and getting active outdoors, you might be enjoying a game played by one of Pennsylvania's many sports teams. The Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers play football, baseball, and basketball respectively.