Sprawling over 170 square miles, Peoria is the sixth largest city in Arizona and is spread across two counties, Yavapai and Maricopa. Full of historical sites and the picturesque saguaro cacti that dot the landscape, the region is steeped in the sandy tradition of the wild West but has been tamed now into a rewarding place to work, live, and play. For those itching to get away for the weekend, the Grand Canyon is about a four-hour drive and there are a myriad of outdoor adventures within just a few miles of Peoria. Bodies of water like Lake Pleasant and the surrounding park, located in Peoria itself, offer cool respite from the heat as well as opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming.

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A charming Phoenix suburb, Peoria is a city oasis of homes in the midst of the vast Arizona desert. Characterized by a multitude of affordable, single-story ranch-style houses mixed with architecturally unique, multi-story structures, Peoria has a lot of diversity in housing to offer its 110,000 residents. The homes in this thriving desert locality are welcome retreats from the day's heat, but it is far from a ghost town, located just 13 miles from downtown Phoenix, an urban hub of education and commerce.

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