Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona and the largest state capital city in the entire United States. As history goes, the city experienced the majority of its growth in the decades following the Second World War, when returning soldiers came back to the area of their training to put down roots. Today, the city's economy is largely driven by growth in the hi-tech sector. Motorola, McDonnell Douglas, and Intel are major players, and the tourism industry, higher education, and a wide variety of manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare companies add to the economic pie of Phoenix, as well. The city is made up of fifteen urban villages, each with their own unique style and flair. Though the city is known for its hot summer weather, it does typically cool off considerably every evening. Most residents will tell you that a bit of a heat wave in the summer months is a small price to pay for mild, short winters and the unparalleled length of the growing season. Because it is naturally beautiful and has such an amazing climate, the Phoenix area is home to a wide variety of stunning attractions and recreational opportunities. Within a short drive, outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of amazing rock climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and rafting destinations. Those looking for outdoor activity without the adventure can while away the day at the city's zoo, botanical gardens, Japanese gardens, desert nature preserve, or any other of the national, county, and city parks in the immediate area. If you're looking for a little more high culture when you buy a home in Phoenix, the city has numerous world-class performing arts venues and museums. And if you're looking for sports, the city boasts a multitude of professional and top collegiate teams to root for. Cardinals fan? Check out Homes for sale near University of Phoenix Stadium

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Phoenix was originally a farming community, and the advantage of its location at the northern end of the Sonoran Desert. Another bonus to the area was its more than three hundred days of annual sunshine, ideal for cultivating cattle, citrus and cotton. Phoenix is now a center of industry beyond agriculture. Whether you're looking for a spread big enough to practice farming, or just a nice little place to call home, has everything you need for a successful hunt.

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