Pinellas Park is conveniently situated between Tampa Bay on the eastern side and Boca Ciega Bay on the western edge. Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, this 100-year-old city is known for its famous Park Boulevard area, a historical district that now draws thousands of visitors to its ample markets distributing everything from fruits and vegetables to luxury clothing and accessories. Within the urban district are numerous parks, lakes, and outdoor areas of interest, including the Pinellas Park Equestrian Center, home to horse shows, private and public events, networks of trails and various riding activities. Although there are plenty of tourists year-round to enjoy the fun of the flea market and the draw of the equestrian activities, the consistent population of Pinellas Park stays just under 50,000. As the city planning commission has major plans for further development, economic incentive, and building of infrastructure in the area, the future of Pinellas Park as a whole looks just as lively as the downtown already is.

The Western Floridian city of Pinellas Park is a snapshot of the best in the state: convenient access to water and outdoor activities, a vibrant lifestyle, world-class shopping opportunities, and affordable, diverse residences. The homes of Pinellas Park vary from bright white stucco ranches to spacious, split-level homes with lawns that are green all year round in the subtropical climate. The city has a distinctly urban feel, while still surrounded by plenty of natural beauty, and multi-level condominiums and apartments with views of the beach are popular.

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