Thanks to its bustling position on the sea, Punta Gorda, Florida, might at first seem as if it would give off a busy and almost chaotic environment. On the contrary, this area is well-known for giving off a strong small-town vibe, despite its population of over 16,000 people. The harbor is by far the busiest part of the city, as it is home to several marinas: the Laishley Park Municipal Marina and the Boater's Alliance are the two most popular marinas, and each of them offer several boating activities for watercraft owners and land-lovers alike, as well as optimal care for the ships that dock on their property. Any residents in this area who own a boat will have guaranteed easy access to their craft at one of several cozy locations on the water.

Punta Gorda, Florida, is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, nestled against the wide and busy expanse of Charlotte Harbor. Because many people seek this warm, tropical area as a vacation destination, many of the available homes are condos or apartments. However, the city also offers many single-family homes, as well as sprawling ocean-side villas and anything in-between. Regardless of the amount of space needed or the budget of potential buyers, this city offers the perfect home for everyone.

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