Raeford is part of Hoke County, North Carolina and was named after two important store owners, John McRae and A.A. Williford that eventually established the first post office there. History remains an important part of the culture of Raeford, as many of the first families that lived there still exist in the area. The main economic base is provided by Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, both located in the Fayetteville metro area. Raeford is thoroughly enjoyed by its residents for several reasons. The downtown area is well kept, clean, and attractive. It is also walkable and allows residents and visitors alike to admire the numerous historic buildings. Another distinguishing factor of the city is the extensive revitalization program that it has undergone. This has allowed for a good value in medium home prices as well as appealing home developments.

Raeford NC is a well-rounded and well-planned city that boasts cultural amenities, local arts, and an overall calming way of life. Military presence is a strong focus of the city, primarily due to its history. The terrain contains gently rolling hills as well as agricultural land and pinewood forests. Those who live here enjoy the warm weather in the summer and the four distinguished seasons.

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