Redford is located west of Detroit and approximately 11 square miles in size. While most of the city is land, the River Rouge does flow through parts of Redford. Most of the residents commute to work in Detroit or other neighboring cities; however, there are local jobs available. Approximately one-third of the homes in the area have young children living with them. These children usually attend school in the area. Redford has several different educational institutions including Cornerstone Schools and private schools. There are also multiple public schools that provide education for local residents.

With a population of over 48,000 people, Redford, Michigan is popular suburb of the Detroit area. It is also a charter township of Wayne County, and there are several affordable homes for sale throughout the city. Many of the homes for sale are smaller in size and were built during the 1950s. Homeowners are often attracted to the beautiful yards and charm of the area.

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