People first settled the area in the 1830s. It was officially founded in 1883, and it encompasses one of Central Florida's oldest settlements. Over the following century, the city continued to grow and encompass a number of original settlements. In 1921, the area became the location for Florida's first commercial poultry farm. Today the area covers 9.2 square miles of land. The diversity of the population has been steadily increasing since the immigration explosion in the last decade.

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Located in Hillsborough County near Brandon, Florida, Riverview is classified as an unincorporated census-designated place. The area possesses a population of 71,050. With a population largely made up of families and couples, the area is a large suburb of Tampa, Gibsonton, and Ruskin. As such, there is a wide selection of single-family homes throughout modern neighborhoods. The area works to promote a supportive community with a number of family activities and small businesses.

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