The city of Roanoke has approximately 97,000 residents, and the entire metropolitan area has about 309,000. With all of those people it is no surprise that transportation is a big factor. It is most convenient if you have a car, but there is a Valley Metro bus system that serves Roanoke and the surrounding areas. There are some free shuttles that get college students to the downtown area. Since the public transportation is made up of only buses, a car is the most convenient. There are many interstates, highways and other roadways that serve Roanoke and the surrounding cities. Within the city of Roanoke there are about 49 distinct neighborhoods that each have their own appeal. That means that no matter what sort of lifestyle you are looking for, Roanoke can probably provide it.

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Roanoke, Virginia is located in the southwest part of the state. The city is approximately 43 square miles. There are a wide variety of home types and styles available. You can find single family homes, apartments and townhomes scattered throughout the area. The single family homes are anything from Colonial to cottage-style or traditional ranch to Craftsman. Whatever type of home you are looking for, there is a good chance you can find it in Roanoke. Depending on what neighborhood you look in, you can find large homes with large yards, duplexes with some yard or an apartment right in the center of it all.

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