Rockland County is consistently named as one of the best counties in New York to raise a family, and it's no wonder why. It is safe, has great amenities and excellent schools and it reaps all the economic benefits that come with lively close to such a booming city. Orangetown in Rockland County is located in the southernmost section of the county. Its population is highly educated with very high incomes. The schools in the city are all high ranking and unemployment is low. Suffern is another popular city to live in Rockland. It is perfect for families. It has a variety of parks and room to run with a suburban feel. Piermont is a very small city located in Rockland, but has landed itself on many top city lists. It offers a walkable city with more eclectic housing options and a hipper town vibe. It sits right upon the Hudson's edge, close to Tallman Mountain State Park.

Rockland County is located at the southern end of the west side of the Hudson River and though is not connected with any of the boroughs of New York City, it is only 9 miles away at its nearest point. It is a highly desirable area to live in due to its proximity to and accessibility from the city. The county has experienced a recent surge in sales and prices of existing homes. The limited new home construction in the county continues with colonial and carriage style homes, which remain popular in the area.

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