When some people think of historic cities deeply rooted in the nation's earliest years, they think of a more rural lifestyle. Although Rockville does have some of this rural historic charm, it is actually at the core of Interstate 270 Technology Corridor. Interstate 270 Technology Corridor is a hubbub of technology and software development companies. Rockville is also home to one of the largest retail hubs in the county. There is a lot to do in Rockville for entertainment, as well as abundant opportunities for employment with many of these tech companies that call this area home.

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Rockville, MD is home to lots more than just great shopping and a rich history. Its plethora of suburban neighborhoods with thick, lush green grass and rows of quaint townhomes really encourage a deep sense of community and encourage neighbors to get to know each other. The close knit communities pocketed throughout Rockville make this a city ideal to come home to.

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