Originally settled as a stagecoach station, Roseville was officially incorporated in 1909 when the Southern Pacific Railroad was officially moved to the city, and it was known as a railroad town for some decades. While the railroad has remained a prominent employer, other employment sectors gained footing when airplanes began to dominate the transportation industry. After the interstate was constructed, the center of town shifted from the historical downtown to the eastern part of the city. Roseville saw a significant boom in population beginning in 1985, as major businesses, like Hewlett Packard and NEC, were established in the area. It now also houses one of the biggest Auto Malls in the United States along with the second biggest shopping mall in Northern California. The area has become an important shopping destination for the region. These and other retail centers are major contributors to the economy and offer convenient shopping to local residents.

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Located in the larger Sacramento Metropolitan Area, Roseville is Placer County's largest city with a population of 128,382. The city is conveniently located just off of Interstate 80. It encompasses a number of neighborhoods with single-family homes, and the demographic is largely married couples and families. The city covers a total of 42.26 square miles and includes a number of streams including Linda Creek, Cirby Creek, Dry Creek and Secret Ravine.

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