You'll never feel more at home than in this cozy little berg. The quaint location gives the city a real small town appearance and culture. There are many community events, such as an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the annual Big Bird Run, which will help you to become part of the local scene. Get involved in your home by joining one of the community action committees and making a real difference in your own life and the lives of those around you. The annual RoseFest, which takes place in Veteran's Memorial Park, is a great community event which features many fair activities over a four day weekend in June. These local fairs are one of the greatest parts of living in a small town or suburb. They give you an irreplaceable chance to get to know your neighbors and thrive within a community. Things like this simple don't happen in big cities.

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Roseville, Michigan, has much to offer to any potential residents. As a suburb of Detroit, this small yet bustling enclave is home to some truly great attractions. The homes in Roseville leave nothing to be desired. This incredible mix of both new and old homes gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what style you like. You can also choose from a selection of sizes, styles and lots, which allows you to have everything you truly desire in a home.

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