Rising home values are another reason to consider setting up shop in Rosharon. This town is a quiet refuge from urban chaos with easily accessible shopping, dining and entertainment. The cost of living in this town is an unbelievable 20 % below the national average. Job growth is on the rise and the unemployment rate is substantially below that of other comparable U.S. cities. Paired with a lower cost of living, the town's economy is optimally aligned. This suburban town lies 33 miles from downtown Houston and is home to an intimate 1,100 residents. This number reflects a doubling of the population since the late eighties, and the town continues to show signs of growth.

Homes in Rosharon, Texas will provide a level of affordability that would be difficult to find in the neighboring communities of Sugarland and Houston. In Rosharon you can find newly-constructed single family homes with four or five bedrooms in the neighborhood of $300,000. The median home price in this town is under $100,000.

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