Rutherford overlooks the New Jersey Meadowlands, which were originally settled by the Lenape Native Americans. John Berry settled the area in 1668 after he received a land grant from the governor. Later in the 1840s, the population grew with the construction of the Erie Railroad, which ran across the Meadowlands. Subsequently, several hotels were built along the nearby Passaic River, and the farmland that covered Rutherford was sold, planned and developed. Today, a number of historical sites remain including Iviswold Castle, Kip Homestead, Rutherford Station, William Carlos Williams House and Yearance-Berry House. Both locals and tourists frequent the sites.

Named the "Borough of Trees," Rutherford, New Jersey is located in Bergen County and is recognized as the first borough in the county. The small community is home to a population of 18,061. While housing costs in the area are some of the highest in the nation, they are substantially lower than some of the most expensive communities in the state. The community is most prominently comprised of single-family homes followed by a reasonable number of high-rise apartments and condos.

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