What's so great about Sacramento? For starters, it has an extremely rich history, and it's brimming with landmarks that are sure to captivate history buffs. Case in point: Old Sacramento State Historic Park, where' you'll find a lovingly preserved gold-rush town complete with riverboats, horse-drawn carriages, and period-correct details aplenty. At Sutter's Fort in Midtown, experience what life was like for the rough-and-tumble settlers of the American West, with historical reenactments, artifacts, and more. Looking for artistic inspiration? Follow your muse to the Crocker Museum of Art. This renowned local institution showcases the art of Californians extant and ancient, and features an extensive collection of European and East Asian works, too. The museum itself has been in operation since 1848, and it has amassed an impressive assortment of significant works over the years. Maybe you prefer works of art that run on gasoline, instead. Hey, cars can be works of art, too! Just make your way to the California Automobile Museum and marvel at one of the most extensive collections of Ford cars in the world. There's at least one model for every year from 1903-1953, and more than 160 vehicles in total. Once you've gotten your fill of vintage cars, check out the State Capitol. The building was constructed in the 1860s, and it is surrounded by lush, green gardens that are well worth a look. While it's still used as a venue for California's political goings-on, there's also a museum housing important artifacts from pivotal moments in Golden State history.

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When it comes to California cities, places like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco seem to get all of the attention. But we think the capital city Sacramento has an awful lot going for it. If you move there soon, you'll be able to tell your friends you were a local before it was cool. Because trust us, with its central location, active cultural and arts scene, and historic landmark buildings, Sacramento's getting cooler all the time.

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