The city lies at the convergence of three distinctly different geological areas, providing a delight for nature enthusiasts coming to visit or to stay. The Mojave Desert, the Colorado Plateau, and the Great Basin converge on the town, giving it its unforgettable landscape. The urban area makes its peace with sprawling hills, mesas, waterways, and desert habitat reserves. Today, the city is bordered by Washington City, Santa Clara, and Ivins. The town used to be nestled below the red sandstone bluffs between the two volcanic ridges. The Beaver Dam Mountains, the Pine Valley Mountains, the Zion National Park, and the Virgin River Gorge all find themselves within range of the city, and the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve is located on top of a sandstone bluff which looks over the downtown area.

Saint George is a rapidly expanding economic success story in the southwestern part of Utah on the Utah-Arizona border. Saint George is the county seat of Washington County, and it is also the principal city of the Saint George Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city finds itself in the northeastern corner of the Mojave Desert with a population of around 78,000 people. Houses in Saint George have retained their relatively affordable prices, with three-bedroom homes running for lower prices than in most other places in the United States.

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