The locals will tell you that downtown Salisbury is the place to be. You can find several types of events, dining, entertainment and fantastic shopping. The town is always promoting local businesses. When you shop downtown, or what they call, "shop the blocks", you pick up a special card and register it. When you register your card, you receive exclusive offers with all of the local businesses. The importance of shopping local has given Salisbury a thriving economy and a sense of camaraderie.

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If you want to live in a place with affordable homes that has plenty of fun for the whole family, Salisbury is the place for you. This is a down to earth town that doesn't center around high-earners and yacht clubs. The average income in Salisbury is about $35,000 per year. The average price of a home reflects the income at $130,00. Of course, you can find anything from $90,000 homes to homes in the millions, so whatever you want is at your feet.

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