While the city itself is home to just under 200,000 residents, it's part of a wide valley that houses over a million people. The city has attraction for professionals as well as government officials since Salt Lake City is home to the beautiful and historic Utah State Capitol building. Another piece of history that highlights the downtown area's landscape is the Union Pacific Depot, a railroad depot that has been turned into an event center and outdoor shopping mall. The 150-year-old LDS temple lies at the center of the city and is part of Temple Square, a development featuring historic buildings, restaurants, offices and the home of the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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Downtown high-rises and world-class entertainment can exist in a city that's as clean as it is beautiful. Salt Lake City, UT, home to urbanites and professionals, is also surrounded by suburban areas that house families and create a strong community feel. While the west side of Capitol Hill features the trendy Marmalade District, the liberal southeastern end of town, Sugar House, supports eclectic, niche shops and restaurants. The Avenues, Federal Heights and Foothills are home to the largest and most expensive homes in the city.

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