Economically speaking, San Gabriel is quite representative of the United States as a whole. Numbers for unemployment and income per capita are roughly in line with the national average figures. However, job growth is expected to be significant in the coming years at a rate of nearly 39%. Jobs held by San Gabriel citizens vary from the sales and finance jobs you would expect in a large city atmosphere to other fields like production and food service. For the kids, there are ten reputable local public grade schools available to serve them as well as numerous opportunities for them to pursue higher education on nearby campuses such as CSU Los Angeles and Pasadena City College.

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If you want to find a home in the vibrant and ever-changing metropolis that is Los Angeles County, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to the city of San Gabriel, California. Houses that are currently on the market have a median price just over $600,000 and include enough bedrooms, bathrooms and yard space to support a family, if needed. Many homes have an aesthetic that, while American in design, also has a distinctly modern flavor.

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