With a gigantic 149 square mile radius, all filled to the brim with parts of this massive concrete jungle, San Jose, California is the perfect place for an adventurous soul looking to uncover the many secrets and opportunities that a large city can hold. Indeed this metropolis has much to offer to its residents, especially in the way of arts and culture. Chiefly among these cultural attractions are the Mexican Heritage Plaza, the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library. Though these locations are perhaps the most popular cultural exhibits, there are countless others to be uncovered by those who care to do a little sightseeing in the area.

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San Jose, California is a sprawling metropolis of a city with much to offer, the largest city in all of northern part of the state and the entire Bay Area. This grand city has homes of all shapes and sizes, for almost every price range. For those who need to focus on a budget, there are several decently-sized homes under $100,000. For those looking to live it up in this new city, there are also many mansion-style houses available for purchase, ranging from $500,000 to a few million.

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