That's why Santa Clara is ideal for those who work hard and play hard. Roughly 19 square miles in size, Santa Clara is in close proximity to the headquarters of the big players in the tech industry, making the city a great location for South Bay commuters. After the work day, Santa Clara commuters come home to numerous city amenities, including beautiful local parks, playgrounds, bike paths, an open space nature preserve, convenient shopping and more. In addition to the home of California's Great America amusement park, Santa Clara enjoys another entertainment bragging right: Levi's Stadium, the recently built home for professional football team San Francisco 49ers and site for Super Bowl 50. The state-of-the-art venue brings sports, concerts and other entertainment events within minutes of your Santa Clara home.

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Saying it's hot in Santa Clara, California describes more than the weather. Nestled in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara not only boasts of sunny skies and mild temperatures all year round, but also ranks among the hottest housing markets in the country. The median price for homes has been growing leaps and bounds over the past five years with good reason: the spillover effect from thriving businesses and the expanding job market in Silicon Valley, which is essentially the South Bay in the Bay Area.

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