There are over 23,000 citizens of Scotch Plains that commute to New York City daily. Its convenient location makes it easy for residents to travel to the city for a special event, shopping, fine dinning, or to visit one of the many attractions that the Big Apple has to offer. Scotch Plains prides itself on its diverse population because there are residents with a variety of religious affiliations, ethnicities, and age groups. The business community is continually growing, and the town also offers several recreation opportunities. The town also prides itself in the community spirit that it fosters. It encompasses a little more than 9 square miles, which allows it to create an environment that is tight-knit and unified for the common good of the township.

The Township of Scotch Plains, New Jersey has a rich history that began almost 300 years ago. Due to the many historical landmarks that are still standing today, this town prides itself on its role in the Revolutionary War and that growth that has occurred over the years. Big housing developments have replaced long-standing farms, and new schools have been built. It is now a popular place to live for individuals who work in New York City but would prefer to live in a smaller town.

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