Taking a stroll through the downtown Simpsonville area means the opportunity to see a variety of historic sights. Since its construction in 1986, the clock tower has become a symbolic monument of a passion for business as well as the city itself. Simpsonville also has a rich artistic history, made apparent by historically rich murals on its buildings. The Provident Community Bank has commissioned a mural, which pays homage to the city's ever-changing and growing character. The train and heels represent hard work and progress. In the 19th century, Simpsonville was known for being a center of transportation. Other historic symbols include the historic pharmacy built on East Curtis Street in 1886, as well as the Woodside Mill, the economic center of the city in the early 20th century.

Voted "one of the ten best towns for families" in 2010 by Family Circle Magazine, Simpsonville South Carolina is a culturally rich city that can make a wonderful home for residents of all ages. Located just 15 miles southeast of Greenville this charming town boasts low unemployment rates, great schools, and enjoyable year-round weather. Real estate includes a little bit of everything, from newly constructed townhomes to luxurious estates on beautiful plots of land.

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