The city is the county seat for Minnehaha Country, and the key are of the Sioux Falls-Sioux City Designated Market Area. Sioux Falls is often given the nickname of the "Best Little City in America." Residents consider it to be a gem in the west. It is located on a prairie in the Great Plains, and the Big Sioux River runs through the region. This river adds beauty to the area, and it was the key reason original settlers came to the area. Today the area is home to several business efforts. In fact, Citibank has a primary credit card center in the area. Citibank provides several jobs for residents and help boost the local economy.

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Known for being "The Heart of America," Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a popular destination for homeowners. With a population close to 170,000, this city is the largest in the state. It is also the 47th fastest growing city in the country. The area has a variety of homes, including luxury residences. There are also smaller, affordable homes for sale that are a great option for individuals and young families. In addition, there are multiple neighborhoods throughout the city.

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