Springfield, VA boasts a young and equal demographic, with a split down the middle between the number of men and the number of women. The average age of the residents is 38 years old; families are the name of the game at this location. People living here are at least high school or higher educated and they bring in, on average, $86,000 per year. The unemployment rate is low, only 4.4 percent as of June 2014, and most of the men work in the construction industry while the women work in healthcare. There is a commercial district in downtown Springfield where new residents can find work, and, if unsuccessful, nearby cities offer additional opportunity. The average resident commutes 29 minutes to work daily.

Join the nearly 31,000 residents and call the 7.9 square-mile area of Springfield, VA your home. This primarily residential town is filled with beautiful one and two-story dwellings nestled on perfectly landscaped properties. Home prices range from the mid-to-upper $100,000s, and the more acreage you desire, the higher the price. If you're looking for a more populous area, head to the outer-lying neighborhoods of North and West Springfield and Newington, which are also filled with plenty of real estate from which to choose.

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