Along with the homes you will love the array of historic sites and sounds that are available to explore. Known as the hometown of George Washington and as one of the locations of many events in American culture, it serves as a common tourist destination. There are local monuments, museums, preserved houses and more that you can visit. It is also a hub for African American history, helping to shed light on the struggles and triumphs of the people. In fact, one of the main attractions is the "Trail to Freedom," which outlines the trail that slaves took through Stafford to reach freedom. With all of the possible educational and historic landmarks and sites, this area is filled with rich culture that you can certainly enjoy well past your first few days as a resident.

As a staple in American history, Stafford, VA is full of rich culture, from the people to the architecture. The homes in the area may range in size and style, but stand collective in quality. From updated townhomes to classic ranch style houses, there are options to fit all tastes. The lush land makes way for many different beautiful homes and the various activities and sites within and around the city accommodate various lifestyles of local residents.

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